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London, England, to Austin, Texas: The pursuit of happiness

London to austin A fifth of the circumference of the Earth. From an urban zone of some 13 million people to roughly two million. From not really needing a car to needing two cars. It took my bicycle (and everything else) eight weeks to get here; our stuff was delivered yesterday. From a cool job to a cool job. It doesn't get better than this.


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Now all you need is a variety of guns and one of them fancy white suits with a pointy hat.

Jeremy Gould

Wow, best of luck Lars.


I made it for about two months without a car in Austin back in 1992. Maybe you don't really need the cars that Texas tells you that you need. :-)

Simon Carswell

Congrats on the move, Lars.

Amanda T.

I love Texas! So how is it? How do you feel after a year spent there? Austin is really so small compared to London :).

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