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The corporate email monster is personal too

In my work with moving work processes to social platorms, I sometimes come across clients who state their ambition to cut down on email by investing in one. It's a great intention but I admit to being a bit cynical about the goal. Do you want to cut down on email because of cost? Surely not email infrastructure cost as an extra 100,000 emails essentially costs you $0. Cost of dealing with emails? Well, what's your estimate of the current cost of dealing with an email? Nobody has done the analysis. How are you going to track the volume of email that is replaced by a social platform? Do you know your current email growth rate? Most don't

What I do respect is that using a social platform for work can be more efficient and effective. It can yield a much higher re-use factor of organizational knowledge. And by bringing people together in new ways, a social platform can radically increase the capability to innovate. That is where I like to focus when discussing use cases and benefits with clients.

This cartoon from The Oatmeal points to a personal factor: email stress. I especially love the comparison between the brevity of a text message and the cultural baggage of email. Cutting down on email results in a personal and organizational psychological benefit. We all know the email monster.


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