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How are you preparing for the boom?

The cycle of boom and bust is part of the market system. Bust follows boom, boom follows bust. (It is inevitable, but the timing varies and that's the tricky bit.) 

How are you and your organisation preparing for the boom?

What are you doing to make onboarding new colleagues efficient and effective? 
How are you preparing for increased demand for your products and services? 
Are you investing in innovating your products and your processes? 
Are you building capacity? Capacity for dialogue with your customers, for decision making, for internal and external collaboration, capacity for learning and adapting? 
Are you strengthening your network of suppliers and delivery partners so you can take on bigger jobs? 
How are you making sure that you can deliver more while improving quality? 
Who is going to take on new tasks? 
Have you developed useful skills or processes or habits during the recession that you want to stick to when economic growth accelerates? Which habits should be the first to be kicked? 
Which criteria are you going to employ when choosing projects that have been waiting for the go-ahead?
How are you going to respond to increased competition? 
How are you going to build flexibility into your plans with respect to timing? Which indicators are you going to monitor so that you know when it is time to set your boom plans in motion? 

Thinking longer term, how are you going to plan your preparations for the next recession? (It is inevitable, remember?)


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