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In a Parallels universe

I started work for a new client this week. It is a large organisation undergoing massive changes. We are discussing how a wiki would serve as a project hub and how the power of many minds could be harnessed when documenting procedures in areas where consistency is key but geographical separation is the reality. Part of the work is more traditional and draws on my management consulting experience from years ago (does one ever stop thinking like a consultant?).

My white MacBook is my main work tool. I switch it into Windows mode using Parallels so that I work using the same formats as everybody else. Today, IT approved connecting my MacBook in Windows disguise to their network. They even installed Novell and Notes for me without a glitch (except when Novell required the Ctrl-Alt-Del keystrokes to log on - the Mac doesn't have a Delete key - and we had to find the substitute keys).

One learning point from the exercise: I have to start making use of the power of virtual machines that the Parallels software offers. Instead of just installing the client's required networking and email software on the Windows virtual machine, I should have made a copy of the virtual machine specifically for that purpose. That way I can just delete it again when the project comes to a close instead of taking the trouble to remove the Novell software (if possible). A virtual machine is just a file in the Apple operating system. I have to get my mind around that.



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